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Outer Space: The year is 2320.

Draden Briggs, Bounty Hunter scum, has kidnapped you and your friends. He’s transporting you to the planet Xionia and forcing you to work in the copper mines for the remainder of your days. It’s a 4-year space journey, but you are traveling in cryosleep, a form of hibernation that makes it feel like only 8 hours. You awake early due to a malfunction! Briggs is also coming out of cryosleep and the timer is counting down 10 minutes until he wakes.

Your mission is to free yourselves from the locked cryocells and take control of the ship, then set a course for your home planet before Briggs wakes up.


Individual Ticket: $10.00



• Please arrive 15 minutes early for brief rules/orientation, you then have 10 minutes in the room.



  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium

  • Creepiness: Low, Dark atmosphere with flashing lights, and some fog. 

  • Age Range: 7+ One Adult/Guardian required as a participant with kids/teens ages 7-15.

  • Minimum required number of participants: 2 adults (or 1 adult and 1 kid/teen 7+). 

  • Recommended number of participants: 6 for best experience. Note: other players may book with you unless you purchase all 6 tickets.



Escape Rooms are physical activities that may require 2 guests per room (min ages of 7+ or 13+, depending on the room rating and difficulty) plus a ticketed parent/guardian with all kids 15 & under. Not all areas and equipment are handicap accessible and may have restrictions. It is the responsibility of the adult or parent/guardian to decide on appropriateness for themselves and their guests and children. Rooms may contain loud or eerie sounds, fog, scents, movement, dimly lit areas and flashing or strobe type lights - which may cause seizures or Vertigo. Please call ahead if you have questions regarding which experiences might be better suited for you and your guests or please see our FAQ for more details.

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