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Forget everything you know about Escape Rooms.
Spirited Escapes is a full-immersion fantasy. We don't just throw you in an office space with a suitcase and tell you are on a plane! Our rooms take you to another environment because our amazing professional artists have created an alternate atmosphere through décor, props and faux-finish. You will truly feel like you are a Ghost Hunter in our Haunted Mansion, a Pirate in Captain's Cove, a Cowboy or Cowgirl in Gold Rush, and a futuristic astronaut in Cryosleep.


Our puzzles are unique and unbelievably fun to solve.
Have you been to other escape rooms where every single puzzle was a padlock? Boring! Our fantastic puzzles range in complexity from electronic locks with keypads to moving walls. You will be challenged mentally and physically!


WHY CHOOSE Spirited Escapes? 

Our design, decor, and props demonstrate great attention to detail.

These elements are important to a successful escape room experience in that they help transport you to another world, where you can seamlessly slide into the fantasy.

In our escape rooms, you are not "pretending" to be in another area of the world or in a different time period. You will feel like you are actually there, solving the riddles set before you.

You may have tried other escape rooms. Forget everything you know about escape rooms. Our rooms will literally blow you away!

Being immersed in a professional escape room is a great way to:

  • Have Fun

  • Bond with co-workers

  • Surprise someone special with a unique date night

  • Spend quality time with family

  • Make new friends

  • Plan a fun Corporate Retreat

  • Celebrate a special occasion

  • Relieve stress and relax

  • Keep your brain sharp

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Spirited Escapes 1423 N Broadway St Joliet, IL 60435

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